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Maison Bengal at Housekeeping

Maison Bengal at Housekeeping

At Housekeeping our philosophy is quite simple, we choose items that have been beautifully designed, skilfully produced, functional and timeless, so we were thrilled when we came across Maison Bengal, not only do their bags fit our criteria but we are proud to support their ethos.

Here's a little bit about them, Maison Bengal was set up in 2004 after its Director Sheenagh Day returned from working in Dhaka in Bangladesh.  After a number of years spent in the aid industry, she decided to create an opportunity for the economic empowerment of marginalised communities through fair trade.  Maison Bengal works in partnership with skilled artisans believing that a fair wage is only just the first step in fair trade. A long-term trading relationship is equally important to the producers, as is an understanding of the challenges they face in their daily life. In a country like Bangladesh, you need to consider the implications of the monsoon, seasonal flooding and rice harvests.

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What makes Maison Bengal so special is by producing beautiful, contemporary designed products, that are all hand made using traditional artisanal skills with natural materials and dyes they can develop a sustainable market place.  I love using my Ikat market bag, it looks great with my denims, it's strong, durable and oh so stylish and I know someone has taken care and time to make it.

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