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Shaker Peg = Sanity

I don’t know if time is the issue but for me trying to attain a clutter free home is impossible, I’m tripping over Saturdays football boots on Wednesday, the school jackets are thrown off and I pick them up and shove them back on the little darlings every morning. The bathroom always seems to have a dampish towel lying on the floor, clothes just miraculously get picked up, washed, ironed then worn and thrown back on the floor to start the cycle all over again. Where did it all go wrong I yearn for a Shaker lifestyle where things are a lot more efficient and simpler, although I don’t think I could adapt to such extremes, especially the fashion.  Maybe though with some shaker pegs, on every wall in every room, I could free up some floor space and give the illusion of an organised, efficient home, enabling me to feel like I have achieved the nirvana of work/home life balance.
Some inspiring uses of Shaker Pegs (homes I envy).
 Ilse Crawford Shaker inspired bedroom - High Road House - Remodilista
 Hancock Shaker Village
Summerhouse on Lorn Road, Light Locations.
Hancock Shaker Village
This image looks like our store.
Get some shaker style in your life and stay sane!
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