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Riess Enamelware - Timeless

Anyone who has ever been to my store will know I'm a little enamelware obsessed, what's not to like, it's tactile, naturally non-stick, lighter than stoneware and glass and you can stick it in the dishwasher but more than this it's aesthetically pleasing, a pie, a lasagne, a pudding all look so much more homely served up in an enamel dish straight from the oven.  Enamelware has a timeless quality, it is going through a bit of a resurgence at the moment and my bet is once you've used it, you'll be wishing you hadn't chucked out your grannies old pie dishes and investing in more of your own.
We have been stocking Riess enamelware since we opened, this Austrian company has been going for over 200 years and is still family owned, with a heritage like that you know that the quality is second to none, it's the best enamel cookware around.  Every pot is shaped from a single piece of steel and hand sprayed with 4 coats of glass enamel which are baked between coats in vast kilns with the Riess logo added by hand on the base before the final firing, these are not factory line produced products but instead they are crafted and hand finished by skilled artisans. 
There is so much to love about this company, set in the picturesque Austrian countryside, they have harnessed the power of the stream that flows along side the factory to power 3 hydroelectric power plants, producing all their energy, they are passionate about the environment recycling every piece of waste they can.  Enamelware is also a healthy cooking option, it is non-porous, anti-bacterial and nickel free.
Just a little warning though and I tell you this from experience, once you've invested in your first pot it will be the start of a compulsive collection.  Look what happened to me.
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Nov 08, 2014

Thanks again for the article post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

Jul 03, 2014

Hi Mary, thank you for posting on our blog. Unfortunately the jpg won’t show up on the blog. You can email it to me at and I will have a look and source it if possible.

Thanks again,

Lisa Johnson
Jun 30, 2014


The above jpg is of a enamel bowl I once owned and have no longer, am desperate to acquire another or even several of another. I want the bowl that is blue as it is the largest. It was made by Reiss, can you find it and sell it to me, please?

I have searched all over the internet. Reiss is not the most friendly website tool

Thank youl

Mary K Weber
Apr 18, 2014

Hi Mary Ellen are you in the UK? If you let me know a general area, hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

Lisa Johnson
Apr 16, 2014

I too LOVE enamelware! The problem is where can you buy it?
I do not like buying online. Can you help?

Mary Ellen

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