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That Nordic Feeling!

It's fair to say that the Swedes are a good looking bunch, is it the weather?  No!  The lifestyle?  Perhaps.  Or is it that they've been indulging in spa treatments for nearly 300 years?  Yes, I'm sure it's helped along with genetics.  Well L:A Bruket have decided to let us in on the secret, producing gorgeous all natural, mostly organic, spa skincare products.  Based in Varberg on the Swedish West Coast, Mats Johansson and Monica Kylen have embraced their surroundings, using as much local ingredients as possible, passionately producing products that will nourish, moisturize and protect your skin, no matter how extreme the weather.

Keeping things natural and simple is the L:A Bruket philosophy and they've continued this in their award winning packaging developed by Swedish-based design studio Stefaco Grape.

For more info on the ingredients used in all the products please go to Lilla Bruket here.

Fancy this?  A Kurbad spa treatment as described by Mat & Monica.

Ingredients: Fresh dried seaweed (preferably from the Swedish west coast)

Method: Let the  dried seaweed soak in hot salty water for a while, before pouring all of it into your bath tub. You dive in and stay there, scrubbing yourself with the seaweed for 20 minutes. The heat, water, salt, minerals and scrubbing does their work on your skin. Afterwards you are not allowed to shower or towel dry but have to self dry and being a bit greasy you should go to bed. I can almost guarantee that anyone who takes this kurbad will sleep for at least 10-12 hours if allowed. When you wake up, soft and energized, you are allowed to shower and then you take the sea weed into your garden or to your flower pot and use it as one of the best fertilizers. Completing the circle of nature.

Amazing, this has made me want to go to a Swedish Spa Resort, so I don't have to clean out the bath tub.  I have to confess writing this blog has made me have a little look at Spa Resorts in Sweden, I'm adding it to my extensive wish list.  Maybe on my next visit to Norfolk, I'll gather some seaweed up and give it a go, if I do I'll report back.

L:A Bruket available at Housekeeping Store.

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