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Openhouse - The door is open, let's step inside.

I was drawn to Openhouse magazine initially due to the beautiful photography, I could tell it was a lifestyle magazine to begin with because I wanted to eat all the food and live in all the houses, then the whole concept became clear to me, not just a magazine to have a good old nosey round peoples homes, which I do like but that you could actually visit these places, extraordinary creative people are turning their beautiful homes into alternative venues.
Here's how it all began two and a half years ago, friends Mari Luz and Andrew decided to open their home in Barcelona to the public putting on photography exhibitions, soon after, along with another flatmate Nobu, they decided to make Japanese dinners and sushi parties.  This proved to be hugely popular and to this day they have had more than 4000 people through their doors.
About a year ago, with a few stories about other creative people around the world doing similar things, they decided to put it down on paper, and started OPENHOUSE magazine. Now on the second issue and preparing the third, Openhouse "the life we share" is growing all over the world. whether it be supper clubs in London, or art galleries in a studio in Tokyo, the magazine lets the reader discover many places that they can visit and join in the activities. Openhouse comes in english but also each interview is in their own language.
You never know where this magazine may lead you, straight to someones front door for dinner, theatre, art gallery or clothes shopping.
Openhouse - A magazine that opens the front door and invites you into extraordinary peoples lifes.

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