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Onwards & Upwards

Woohoo!!!  We managed to get our store opened at the start of December 2014, managing to tap into a little of the Christmas spirit.  If you haven't read our previous post, please take a look at our ground floor here, we're super proud of it.

Time to move on, quite literally onwards & upwards, having spent the last couple of months looking at the sad beige carpet on the stairs, I decided to take a peek at what was underneath, lifting a little corner, should we, shouldn't we???  Half an hour later the stairs were stripped of carpet.

YIKES!!  It wasn't a pretty sight, I spent the next few, I'd like to say days but it turned into weeks, lifting gripper strip, pulling nails out and finding the best way to get carpet glue off.  There isn't a best way just a lot of scraping, I tried using white spirit, but it gave me such a headache so I used sugar soap and scraped, luckily because I was painting over it, I just had to get the stairs flat.  Finally with my newly purchased sander, I managed to get them to an acceptable stage for painting.

First pic is of the stairs at the undercoat stage, we painted every alternative step to begin with so that we could still get up and down the stairs.

This pic is of the nearly finished stairs, we'd love to have your comments as I had intended to paint the uprights white but we've had so many lovely comments regarding the uprights being left raw, that as you can imagine I'm more than happy to do so but I do sway on a daily basis between painting them or not.  I'm also taking into consideration that it is a commercial space so the white might take a lot of upkeep????  Anyway, painted or not it beats the grubby beige carpet any day.

Before & After

We used Farrow & Ball floor paint in Down Pipe.

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