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First Floor Heaven.

Renovating our first floor started a lot sooner than we intended but I'm so impatient and we desperately needed workspace.  So whilst I was painting the stairs, Simon set to work.  He began with lifting the laminate flooring and sanding the floor, as everyone who has ever tackled this knows, it is extremely messy. The problem was we had a pristine ground floor full of stock, so we had to seal the upstairs from the downstairs using metres of polythene, it looked like we were in quarantine, especially when we crawled out with our boiler suits and masks on.


Once we had painted the walls and ceiling white, Simon started producing a pallet wall over the chimney breast, we bought pallet wood sanded it and cut it to different lengths depending on how we wanted it to look.  We loved the way it turned out.


Simons workspace for making leather goods was next on the agenda.  Not being able to find a desk the right size or design, you got it Simon made one using beechwood ply and scaffolding legs.  We then wanted to have peg boarding behind it so we could store the tools, if anyone in the east midlands is struggling to get peg boarding as we did, you can order it from One Stop DIY.

The finished workspace, how jealous am I?

First floor before and after.


Thanks for reading, we hope you like the results.  Look out on our website soon for leather bags and other lovely leather things shortly and if you're in Market Harborough pop in and say hello.





Aug 05, 2015

Looks fabulous Lisa – you’ve done a great job of the whole place! Will pop in when I’m next over in Market Harborough. It’s been a while!

Kerry Martin
Jun 16, 2015

Your shop looks absolutely amazing! Well done, I wish you every success!

Lisa Ridge-valentine

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