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Klippan Lambswool Woven For Generations.

Klippan Lambswool Woven For Generations.

Why Klippan?

It's the softness of the lambswool, the creativity in the design, the quality of the weave and the love that has been woven into this family owned business since 1879. Klippan have been bringing coziness and warmth into Swedish homes for over 100 years, helping to cultivate the Swedish philosophy of Lagom.  Rarely do I have an item in my home that evokes relaxation and contentment better than a wool throw, whether wrapped up on the sofa with the family or tucked up in bed with extra warmth.

What's not to love about Klippan?

Their philosophy towards their business is second to none, they will only use natural fibres, they have created a culture of environmental awareness, working tirelessly towards a friendlier and more environmentally sustainable production process.  They maintain creative and  quality control by manufacturing in their own textile mill in Latvia

Klippan are the first and only company to produce ecological wool, their classic wool throws are made of New Zealand lambs wool, the New Zealand landscape is perfect for sheep farming allowing the sheep to be outside grazing all year round, making the wool thick, clean and really white.  You can find out more here.  The result of this attention to design and detail is a collection of beautifully crafted, ethically sourced and manufactured products that are inspired by organic patterns and motifs from nature.


You can find our Klippan throws here.

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