About Us

Housekeeping first opened its doors in October 2012, our first store was in the lovely suburb of Stoneygate, Leicester.  We took the plunge in December 2014 and moved to a larger store, have a peek inside here.  We are now proud to be one of the many independent shops in the thriving market town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
It was born out of a passion for simple, functional, understated design, a need to love the everyday things that we use.  We believe that good design is timeless and when something is truly great, why change it.  We stock items that have stood the test of time and we hope will be passed down to the next generation.
Thank you to my partner Simon & kids for their ongoing support and  to all our customers who without their support we wouldn't exist.
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe it to be beautiful”
William Morris.
Thanks for looking,
Lisa X